Best apps for HGV drivers

If you have a smartphone with GPS, then you have an awesome tool at your disposal as a lorry or HGV driver. There’s a huge variety of apps available to you, which can improve your driving experience and improve your journeys overall. 

Below, you will find our top app picks, which we have chosen for their overall quality; we have either tested these ourselves or somebody we know has. 

So without further ado, let’s begin:


TruckerTimer is an advanced tachograph and driving log. It has been designed specifically for lorry and HGV drivers in the United Kingdom and Europe. What it does is simple; it includes timers for WTD regulations, supports EU heavy vehicle fatigue Regulations, and it provides a graphical countdown for each Regulation, to help you avoid being fined. It automatically distinguishes between driving and other activities through GPS, to provide an extremely accurate driving log. It also lets you seat breaks and create split breaks.

This app costs £5.99 on iTunes, and £3.32 on Google Play. 


NavTruck is a satellite navigation application designed specifically for lorry and HGV drivers in the United Kingdom. This app is really neat, because you can tell it to avoid tolls, roadworks or to go via truck stops and much more. The app also shows location POIs, and will provide a navigation route that avoids traffic in real-time. This app also avoids low bridge clearances and you can set it to avoid roads with a set weight/height/width restriction, to ensure that you can reach your destination without let or hindrance. 

This app costs £99.99 on iTunes, and the same on Google Play. 


HGVparking is an app that’ll help you find a parking space for your HGV. This app will locate parking spaces anywhere in the United Kingdom, making it ideal for drivers who regularly go places they are unfamiliar with. You can also filter your results, filtering by ‘truck stops’, ‘car parks’, ’motorway services’ and ‘garage services’. This app will also show you a basic map, with live traffic information. All you then need to do is punch the Post Code into your sat-nav, and hey-presto, you will have a route to a reliable HGV parking space.

This app costs £2.99 on iTunes; it is available on Google Play for £1.99. There is also a similar but free app available on Google Play called Truck Parking Europe. 


MWayBuddy (or Motorway Buddy) is effectively a truck stop guide app, with built in maps to guide you to the best truck stops. It provides accurate information regarding the facilities, spaces and costs of parking at all recognised truck stops, and in addition to this it provides detailed information about petrol and service stations for HGV drivers. This app also provides traffic information in real-time, provided by the Highways Agency. You can search for truck stops and service stations by town, postcode or motorway.

This app is free to download on iTunes, and free to download on Google Play. 

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