Reserving or pre-purchasing new stock due for arrival

At M. W. Truck Parts our stock is always changing and we welcome our customers to enquire about new stock due for arrival and reserve or pre-purchase what they need. 

Our stock includes truck engines including Deutz and Cummins engines, gearboxes including 5-speed ZF gearboxes and 9-speed Volvo gearboxes, drive and steering axles, double drive and lift-axles, cabins including interior trim components, trailers and tankers, steel and alloy wheels, truck springs and aluminium drop sides plus much more. 

You can discover and purchase some of our stock directly from our website, however at the moment this only a snapshot of what we have to offer – as it takes a long time to list everything we have for sale on our website. 

So if you can’t find what you require on our website we recommend you call us to find out more about our latest stock. The number you want for us is 01262 601600. Alternatively, you can send an email using the enquiry form to us. We aim to respond to such enquiries within 48 hours, however most of the time we respond sooner.

How to reserve or pre-purchase stock

Reserving or pre-purchasing stock is easy. When we confirm we are due a delivery for the truck parts you need, we can take part payment over the telephone to reserve your items or you can make a full purchase there and then. Or if you are local to us (we are based in the North East of England), pop down and pay a cash deposit. We are extremely competitive on pricing. Discounts can be had if you are buying parts in bulk or if you are an existing customer. We look after all our customers which is why we have a long line of customers who come back again and again!

Parts sourcing

We are also able to source parts for you. If you are unsure of what parts you need for your truck, then we can work off a description to narrow down what you need. We have connections with a wide range of specialists in the UK to source the parts you need. So if by chance we don’t have what you need due for delivery or in stock, we can still help you.

Get started today

Call M. W. Truck Parts today on 01262 601600 to reserve or pre-purchase our stock. We will accurately describe what we expect to have in stock soon and you can rest assured that we will go out of our way to provide the best customer service. 

  • Reserving or pre-purchasing new stock due for arrival