How reliable are DAF trucks?

DAF trucks are renowned for their reliability and robustness. A Dutch manufacturer founded in 1993, with a history dating back to 1928, DAF commercial trucks are popular in the United Kingdom and in Germany, France and Belgium. DAF trucks range in size from 7.5 to 44-tonnes, with the new range consisting of CF and XF bodies.

DAF models

As previously mentioned, the current DAF truck range consists of CF and XF models. The first DAF lorry was the A30, produced in 1949. The first DAF modular lorry was the F218, produced in the 1970s. The most popular DAF truck of the 90’s was the 65 and 75 and 85, all of which had a wedge-shaped cabin. These were powered 6.24-litre, 8.65-litre and 11.6-litre engines. There was also the 745, a short-lived model with an ATI driveline.

DAF truck reliability

In our experience, DAF trucks are extremely reliable. The DAF trucks we break have, on average, covered over 600,000 kilometres and can still run, although because of their age, are no longer favoured due to efficiency and safety improvements in recent years. For this reason, we have a huge range of DAF used truck parts for sale.

The DAF used truck parts we have for sale are available for immediate export. We can export to various countries inside and outside the EU.

Some of the used DAF truck parts we have for sale include:

1.      DAF engines: We have seen DAF engines with well over 1,000,000 kilometres on them, and they still run with no issues whatsoever.

2.      DAF gearboxes: DAF gearboxes include Eaton and ZF gearboxes. These gearboxes are serviceable, and we sell a wide range of them for immediate export.

3.      DAF drive axles: DAF rear drive axles are extremely reliable parts. If you require DAF axles, we sell a choice of DAF 75 /85 rear drive axles.

4.      DAF cabins: We sell a wide range of DAF cabins, which can be installed onto an existing body. We sell 865, 1160, 75 / 85, 65 ATI, 75 ATI and FA45 DAF cabs.

5.      DAF wheels: We have removed hundreds of wheels from DAF trucks over the years and we always have some in stock. We also have used tyres available.

We can also source most DAF parts, and many of the parts we have for sale are not listed on our website. Call us on +44 (0)1262 601600 or email to find out more, and to enquire about our latest stock. 

  • How reliable are DAF trucks?

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