Top tips for securing your truck and staying safe

Vehicle and personal security is an important consideration for truck drivers, and especially so for truck drivers who operate on the continent. Below, we have provided some top tips for securing your truck and staying safe on the road: 

1. Parking

Always try to park in a secure car park with CCTV and lockable gates. If that isn’t possible, then a car park with a security attendant and good lighting is the next-best thing. By parking in such a place, you will minimise the risk of vehicle and good’s theft. 

2. Locking

You should always lock your truck up when it isn’t being driven, and you should always use the ‘remote-central locking’ feature of your cab if it has it. This will prevent criminals from opening your doors in traffic. If you have a trailer attached to your truck, then lock the rear of the truck from the inside if possible. You can add further security by using bicycle chains on the inside of the door, to virtually eliminate the risk of unwanted carriage. 

3. Stickers

Stickers which read ‘this truck is monitored by the police’, ‘CCTV in operation’ or ‘this vehicle is fitted with an alarm and an immobiliser’ can deter lower-end criminals from attempting to steal your truck or from your truck. These are only deterrents, though, and they will only protect you from lower-end and opportunistic criminals. 

4. Tracking devices

We recommend GPS tracking devices be fitted on all fleet vehicles - not just trucks. These allow you to monitor the location of fleet vehicles in real-time. They alert you when unwanted movement is detected and they can prove vital in recovering a truck if it’s stolen. 

5. Be vigilant

It’s a sad fact that some areas of the world are rife with crime. Trucks, due to their slow speed, are considered as easy targets by some criminals. Because of this, we recommend that you stay vigilant always and be ready to move away briskly if you believe that you are in danger. You should also be able to call the police quickly if you need to. 

6. Breakdown cover

Some criminals prey on common breakdown spots; they park up in vans and wait for commercial vehicles to break down, before they steal their load. One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is to have breakdown recovery with a minimum response time, since the presence of recovery will deter criminals from targeting you. 

  • Top tips for securing your truck and staying safe

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