The best reversing cameras for trucks

A reversing camera automatically activates when you select reverse gear, and displays a real-time video feed of what’s behind you on a screen in your cab. These systems work very well and improve safety when reversing considerably.

However, because trucks and HGVs are often driven with a trailer in tow, it isn’t always practical or in cases possible to have a reversing camera on a truck. Doing so would require a new camera to be installed on every new trailer that’s picked up.

However, it is possible to have a reversing camera installed on the truck itself, for when a trailer is not being hauled. If you are interested in such a device, we have listed some of the best reversing cameras for trucks below for you to consider:

1.      Snooper RC100 Pro

The Snooper RC100 Pro is a high-quality reversing camera that’s able to function with many in-built HGV LCD navigation systems. This reversing camera is also compatible with Snooper’s own portable navigation and AVS systems.

The camera itself is a Sony CCD, and features an automatic day and night sensor and infrared LED night vision. The resolution of the camera is 500 x 582. The Snooper RC100 Pro costs around £240 online from the Snooper website.

2.      VT56AE Rear Vision System

The VT56AE Rear Vision System from Vision Technique uses the same camera as the RC100 Snooper Pro. The difference is that this system includes a 5.6” TFT LCD monitor, so it’s ideal for truck cabs that don’t have an in-built screen.

The camera itself is of a high quality and displays a real-time feed of what’s behind you on the included monitor. The monitor is hardwired to your fuse box or another connection, so it can be installed relatively easy. Put the cable behind the dashboard for a discreet look.

3.      Garmin BC 30

The Garmin BC 30 is a simpler, cheaper product than the options listed above and is designed for cars. However, it works fine on trucks. The camera is installed using a 19’ AV cable, which is long enough for most trucks.

Coming in at around £130, this camera is the cheapest option on our list. It’s also wireless, but to use it, you’ll need a Garmin sat nav which is where it displays its video feed. So, if you already have a Garmin sat nav, this reversing camera could be the perfect product for you.

So, there we have it – the best reversing cameras for trucks. If you enjoyed this article, check out our other articles discussing whether HGV trackers are worth it and the best truck accessories for your comfort on the road. 

  • The best reversing cameras for trucks

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