How we ensure the quality of our used truck parts

At M. W. Truck Parts we have handled our fair share of good parts – those that are perfectly suitable for sale – and poor parts – those that are at the end of their life and can’t be sold on.

Visual and running checks

When we break a truck, we go through a checklist of the parts that we can break and then sell on. These parts are what you will find on our website and at our headquarters on the Carnaby Industrial Estate in Bridlington. They include truck parts like trailers, gearboxes, drive and steering axles, lift-axles and cabins. They also include truck engines such as Mercedes V6 bus engines and Cummins CBT engines. Our commitment to our customers when breaking these parts is to only sell on the ones that are usable.

The way we ensure the quality of our used truck parts is by visually inspecting them after they have been broken. This is satisfactory for the vast majority of parts, especially those like axles and cabins. On some larger mechanical parts like truck engines, we will run the engine to make sure that it is fit for purpose and fit for sale. So, we either visually check parts to ensure they are OK or we run them to ensure they are OK.

We always accurately describe our parts!

These steps have ensured that the parts we sell have been reliable and as described.

We are so confident in our used parts that Products displaying the “Used” symbol come with a 14 day free repair or replace policy on faulty goods. In addition all of our products showing the “Recycled Item Guarantee” symbol are supplied with an extended 3 month warranty.

You can also rest assured that our workers do their best to make sure all truck parts sold are in the condition we describe them as. Beware any truck breaker who sells truck parts that are not checked or tested. If you buy any truck parts from such suppliers then you are gambling with your money.

We recommend you buy your truck parts from us, because we always do our very best to sell only the highest quality truck parts!

Need a truck part? Call us on 01262 601600 or contact us here and we’ll do our best to find the part you are looking for, no matter how obscure or rare it might be. 

  • How we ensure the quality of our used truck parts