The best truck accessories for your comfort

Driving a truck for hours on end can be uncomfortable and stressful. As a truck driver, you might even find yourself sleeping in your cab on a lay-by sometimes, when the rest of the country is tucked up in bed. Being that your cab is essentially your second home, then, it makes sense to make it as comfortable as possible, and we’ve found some great accessory ideas for you to do just that. So, without further ado, let’s look at them:

1.      Electric blanket

It isn’t economical to leave your truck’s engine running and the heating on, so an electric blanket is a useful accessory to keep you warm should you have to sleep in your cab. You can pick up battery-powered electric blankets or 12V-16V powered electric blankets online for around £30, an example being the XtremeAuto blanket on Amazon UK for £27.99. That heated blanket is large enough to cover two people and it gets nice and toasty.

2.      Lifemax Heated Back and Seat Massager

If you experience back pain from sitting down all day, then a heated back and seat massager could be just what you need. One of the best-rated products is the Lifemax Heated Back and Seat Massager, which retails for around £50.00. This seat massager covers your existing seat and can massage your thighs and upper and lower back. There’s 5 massage modes with four levels of intensity, too, to ensure that it quite literally hits the spot.

3.      Naipo Shiatsu Kneading Neck and Shoulder Massager

If it’s your neck causing you trouble on long drives, then skip the back massager mentioned above and consider the Naipo Shiatsu Kneading Neck and Shoulder Massager. Priced at around £40.00, this device has 5 massage modes to sooth tired, aching muscles and thanks to heat, it penetrates deep for a thorough massage. This device includes a free car adapter and it can also be used inside thanks to a regular wall socket connection.

4.      Air fresheners

Sometimes, the smell and the fumes from traffic can give you a headache. So, it makes sense to freshen up your cab with an air freshener. The most common type of air freshener is the hanging tree, but the best type is the clip-on one which attaches to your air vents, since an air vent blows the aroma around the cabin. These can be picked up from most automotive stores for a few pounds, although we recommend the Febreze car vent clips

  • The best truck accessories for your comfort

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